NYC Craft Coffee Festival's Participating Roasters:


Dona Chai

Dona Chai is Brooklyn’s chai tea concentrate. Our tea is handcrafted in small batches using fresh ginger, vanilla bean, freshly ground cinnamon, green cardamom, cloves, black peppercorns, and organic black tea. The slow steeping process builds complexity of flavor and preserves the purity of our ingredients. The result is a cup of bold and flavorful chai tea - fresh. natural, and Brooklyn-made.



Gimme espresso bars are found in New York City and upstate. We served our first shot of "world-class neighborhood coffee to go" in 2000, at our Cayuga Street location. Since then, we've opened a few small cafes, usually favoring worn spaces that call for a little revitalization. Each places feels "like a Gimme" while showing its own local style. We've been amazed and inspired by how neighborhoods come alive and people come together when there's a new gathering place on the block. 

Champion coffee

Champion Coffee opened their first location in 2006.  "After many years of serving our loyal local customers, we decided it was time to roast our own beans and be able to sell coffee nationwide as well."  In 2014 they began roasting their own coffee in Maspeth, Queens. Currently, they have two locations in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, at 142 Nassau Avenue and our flagship store at 1107 Manhattan Avenue.


The kopi TRADING company

Asia is a powerhouse of coffee history and culture. And yet, take a coffee lover off the street and be amazed by how little is known about this region. Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand - all these are lost in the mix, despite producing much of the world's bean crop. This realization is at the heart of our mission. We are on a journey to introduce Asian Cold Brew to a broader audience, in NYC and beyond.  


Since opening in 2008, Sweetleaf has had a simple goal, be the best espresso bar possible. It’s a goal that keeps us striving, since we believe you can always be better. Sweetleaf’s approach has been to buy the best beans possible and brew them on the most cutting edge equipment in the world. Our philosophy on brewing is a blend of art and science. We get real geeky, but we also remember that the art is knowing how to make coffee taste extraordinary. Science is what helps us repeat it.


wandering bear

We were in grad school and each showed up to class one day carrying a mason jar of homemade cold brew coffee. A fast friendship, over 100 experimental batches, and many weekends in the kitchen later, we’ve created something we’re really proud of. Friggin’ delicious cold brew iced coffee. We modeled our cold brew off the stuff we would often seek out from our favorite coffee shops around New York City. Our brew is bold (so it stands up to ice), but uniquely smooth with a bright, chocolaty finish.