NYC Craft Coffee Festival's Participating Roasters:

Cafe Grumpy

Sourcing, roasting, brewing and serving great coffee is the reason why we exist as a business. From our early days serving a selection of coffees from roasters around the country to our growth into roasting our own coffee in-house. From introducing single-cup brewing to our Chelsea customers in 2006 to maintaining an approachable seasonal coffee menu. From keeping things simple with a focus on quality…The end of our journey is serving you a delicious and socially responsible cup – highlighting the nuances inherent in the coffee. Letting the coffee speak for itself. Keeping our brand strong but subtle. 


Caffe Vita has been roasting coffee in Seattle since 1995. We are an independent, locally-owned company, operating 16 cafes in Seattle, Portland, LA and New York, with roasteries in North Portland, Bushwick Brooklyn and Seattle’s Capitol Hill. We are pioneers of the Farm Direct movement.


In 2006, Champion Coffee was founded in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Beans are roasted in Queens and proudly served at 142 Nassau Avenue and 1107 Manhattan Avenue, both in Greenpoint. We love what happens when you put great coffee and great people together! And it's our 10 year birthday this year! 


We source 100% traceable coffee from exclusive micro-lot farms in Colombia using only the highest-quality non-GMO and heirloom varietals from nearly inaccessible zones. We are the only company to offer truly farm fresh coffee with every cup, going from farm to roast within 10-30 days without the coffee ever leaving our hands. Our personal relationship with every farmer also allows us to oversee the entire coffee cultivation process and ensure economic and environmental sustainability to unprecedented levels.

Dona Chai

Dona Chai is Brooklyn’s chai tea concentrate. Our tea is handcrafted in small batches using fresh ginger, vanilla bean, freshly ground cinnamon, green cardamom, cloves, black peppercorns, and organic black tea. The slow steeping process builds complexity of flavor and preserves the purity of our ingredients. The result is a cup of bold and flavorful chai tea - fresh. natural, and Brooklyn-made. 

Gimme! Coffee

Gimme! Coffee began in 2000 as an espresso bar in Ithaca’s Fall Creek neighborhood and opened a small-batch roastery the following year. Since then we have been striving to carry local values into the global coffee market by building long-term relationships with coffee producers, paying fairly, and supporting a sustainable life for ourselves, the community, and the coffee producers.

Beautiful coffee, revealed in the roast, proven in the cup.


As Brooklyn's original third wave coffee roaster, Gorilla Coffee has been at the forefront of contemporary coffee in New York since 2002. 14 years later, Gorilla Coffee has expanded to 4 locations in 2 countries and continues to lead the development of coffee culture both at home and abroad. 


When you enter Pushcart Coffee you not only get your daily coffee, but you also get a unique experience. We are dedicated to nurturing and cultivating communities in and around each of our locations. Our communities include our staff, our customers, our local vendors, and our neighborhoods. From the unique chemistry of these four elements, each Pushcart Coffee becomes a distinctive space celebrating and serving the community it calls home 

The Kopi Trading Company

The Kopi Trading Company is the only operation on the market highlighting coffee of Indonesian heritage, crafting a pure, authentic cold brew experience that echoes the original "cold brew" methodology created by the Japanese in doing trade with the Dutch and Indonesia.

Landskap kaffe rosteri

Landskap was co-founded by a World Barista Champion and green importer based in Olso, Norway and a coffee shop entrepreneur based in New York City, with the intent to roast coffee from the most ambitious and innovative suppliers from around the world. With over thirty years of combined experience, from importing to roasting to latte pouring, we use our blend of knowledge to showcase the craftsmanship of the farmer and the fruit of their labor.

Left hand coffee

Left Hand Coffee from Montauk came to exist under the notion that culture is a result of like minded people who share experiences, values, beliefs and symbols. We share the idea of having nice things, to read, love, cook, create art and so forth. We apply this philosophy in our coffee blends and brews, from roasting all the way to the cup. 

Oren's Daily Roast

It has been nearly thirty years and we are still doing the same thing we did in 1986--only better. That is, finding the best green coffee in the world, roasting it to perfection in our very special roaster every  weekday, and bringing it fresh to you.


SAIL AWAY coffee co.

"As a local Long Islander and musician, I had the tremendous opportunity of touring the globe for many years. With many long nights on the road, a morning coffee shop was routine. One of my more recent tours through Central America and a trip to Colombia sparked more than a mere appreciation for a caffeine buzz. Tasting and educating myself about coffee from various regions throughout my travels was an eye opener as to what top quality coffee tastes like. I wanted to bring that same intense flavor and passion back to my native New York and began crafting my own premium single origin roasts, blends, and signature Cold Brew. Anchored on its slogan, "Live Young", Sail Away pairs its free-spirited approach to flavor with a well traveled palate." - Christopher Vetter, Founder. 


Sweetleaf’s approach has been to buy the best beans possible and brew them on the most cutting edge equipment in the world. Our philosophy on brewing is a blend of art and science. Walk into any of our shops and you will see scales everywhere we brew coffee, including on the espresso machine! On any given day you will see us using our refractometer to measure total dissolved solids in our coffees or software to show us our extraction percentages. Yes, we get real geeky, but we also remember that the art is knowing how to make coffee taste extraordinary. Science is what helps us repeat it.

Toby's Estate Coffee

Toby's Estate Coffee is a small batch roaster located in Brooklyn, NY. We travel the world sourcing coffee, celebrating quality and complexity. As roasters and baristas, we believe that each coffee can tell a story and we strive to share that in every cup.

Uptown Roasters

We are a local, East Harlem specialty coffee and cacao roasting company.

Variety Coffee

The Variety family has been together in Brooklyn since 2008. We are a collective of people who truly love what they do with a wealth of passion and experience that we hope to share with you. With an ever-increasing dedication to quality, our endeavor is to ethically source the world's rarest and most unique green coffees. Working hand in hand with producers, we continually strive towards providing you with a precision roasted perfect cup. 

Wandering Bear Coffee Company

Wandering Bear is on a mission to put cafe-style iced coffee on tap in every coffee-lover's fridge. By packaging their straight black cold brew in a 12-serving box -- which dispenses from a tap and keeps the coffee fresh for over a month -- Wandering Bear is making it easy to have great iced coffee on tap in the home or office!